Electronic Pitch Package

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A deeply damaged woman joins the psychiatrically impaired agents of the Arcadia Project to protect and defend the L. A. gateways between Earth and the magical faerie world of Arcadia. When a missing person case leads her to a dangerous plot that could destroy both realms, she will have to straddle two very different worlds. On prosthetic legs.

MILLIE ROPER lost both her legs and her young film making career in a failed suicide attempt. 

She has self-image issues, impulse control issues, human connection issues — classic Borderline Personality Disorder.

This makes her the perfect candidate for THE ARCADIA PROJECT, a secret group that protects the world's biggest secret:

The creative force at the heart of human progress grows from our connection to a parallel world — a world of Faeries and magic — going back centuries.

This wellspring of Hollywood magic, Silicon Valley innovation, the source of all creative invention faces the gravest of threats.

In order to straddle these two worlds, you have to be slightly skewed, with a certain detachment from reality. 

That's the team at The Arcadia Project.

Millie joins eccentric team leader CARYL VALLO, bipolar partner TEO SALAZAR, and enlists the aid of world-famous director DAVID BERENBAUM.

Together, they go way behind the scenes in Hollywood, for a magical missing persons case that ultimately uncovers a dark plot to extinguish two worlds.

When every flaw reveals a superpower, human frailty becomes heroic virtue.