Master Class for Writers


Master Class for Writers

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Join Dylan Brody on February 10th as ACTIVE VOICE PRODUCTIONS presents a two-hour Master Class for Writers.

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Join Dylan Brody on February 3rd as ACTIVE VOICE PRODUCTIONS presents a two hour Master Class for Writers.

Whether you have a project you can’t get started on, a rut you can’t seem to escape, or a never-ending screenplay that keeps you coming back to that pesky third act and never actually typing FADE OUT, Mr. Brody has the professional tips, technical skills, and weirdly magical mind hacks to open your creative flow, and bring you safely, gently out of the comfort zone that has begun to feel so uncomfortable.

Is 2019 the year you stop talking about writing, stop dreaming about writing and actually get your ideas out of your head and onto the page? If not . . . well, why not? How long do you intend to wait?

This affordable afternoon of Mr. Brody’s time provides a great opportunity to commit to your literary aspirations at long last.

Mr. Brody has asked us to remind you all of the following: Breathe. Everything you have dreamed of writing, you can write.