Weekly Writers Workshop




Do you struggle with procrastination, discipline issues or writer’s block?

Do you have a screenplay, a pilot, a memoir or a novel you’ve been talking about writing, dreaming about writing and pretty much not writing?

Do you worry that what you write is not good enough, not interesting enough, not important enough to show to the world?

Award-winning playwright, humorist, author, screenwriter Dylan Brody’s weekly writer’s workshop provides the solution

Whatever the cause of your literary log jam, Dylan’s calming presence, his simple, the support of the small classroom community and somewhat larger online community, and the systems he has built to instruct and guide writers will free the creative flow and let you get out of your head, get out of your own way and get onto the page.

“Dylan is extremely patient and is there to guide you through, no matter the problem.”
                Averie Maddox, writer/performer Keep Me Abreast

STARTING:  June 15th 2019

Saturdays.  10am to noon
Tao Comedy Studio
131 South Western Avenue     (between 1st and, W 2nd St)
Los Angeles, CA 90004

$30/week  or  $100/Month  


It's time to get working on that project you keep talking (or dreaming) about writing.

Dylan's encouraging and supportive approach allows you to set aside distractions, silence your inner critic, and get on track to meeting your personal writing goals. His toolkit includes techniques he has assembled over a lifetime of work in the literary, performing, and martial arts, creating a powerful system that frees the flow of personal expression in your most natural and authentic voice.

All coaching programs include

  • Regular phone sessions to discuss progress and provide accountability

  • Customized worksheets to strengthen the writing muscles

  • Access to an ever-growing online library of Mr. Brody’s worksheets

  • An editorial pass or punch-up pass (where applicable)

  • Flexible payment options

Get started. Then get finished.

While many writers merely need Mr. Brody's help in getting started, others realize that their challenge revolves around completion.  This is why Mr. Brody offers both short- and long-term coaching options.


  • Six-month or year long commitments can keep you on track with a project, sometimes into its second or third drafts, or carry you from one project straight into another.

  • To-completion commitments can be set up so that Mr. Brody's services remain active and available until the first draft of your project is done, until you feel ready to attack a next draft on your own or until you complete a final, submission draft. It's all up to you how far you want him to help you go.

  • Month-by-month, Pay-as-you-go pricing has allowed clients to grab Mr. Brody's attention and assistance for a month when they need it, go about their business and then return when next the Muse abandons them or their story eludes them. It's a great way to get some fast support when you need it without committing to a lengthy contract.

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Mr. Brody constantly performs in and around the L.A. area and happily travels to perform when the opportunity arises.  He does straight-ahead stand-up comedy in clubs as well as more structured solo shows for theaters and colleges who request that sort of a performance.  If you book a comedy club, a college, or a theater, feel free to email Mr. Brody at dylan@dylanbrody.com



GREYTOP IN LOVE - based on the play by his father, Alan Brody, Mr. Brody has optioned this screenplay to GrantWorks Productions with legendary actor Ed Asner attached to play the title role.

[Grab the OneSheet Plus HERE]

YOU ARE HERE - A DYLAN BRODY PROJECT - Mr. Brody's micro-budget indie feature wrapped principal Photography on Sunday, July 15th and the director’s cut is currently under submission for Sundance Festival 2019. Flawed, funny and more than a little bit askew, this project represents everything Mr. Brody tries to do in all of his work. He takes risks, tests new waters and challenges preconceptions about the way things are supposed to be done.  Look for a new media release over the next few months!



Pilots, pilots, pilots.  Mr. Brody has several pilots ready to take out into the world and occasionally has disappointing meetings to talk about them.


In addition to all the books he's already published and is always happy to take out and read, Mr. Brody has just handed two new manuscripts to his agent, one a collection of stories about family dynamics called Relatively Painless the second a small book of stories about his relationships with dogs called Love With Teeth. (all inquiries should go through Christopher Schelling at Selectric Artists)


ED ASNER and his GrantWorks productions are on board.

ED ASNER and his GrantWorks productions are on board.

This is just a video-note of gratitude that I put together for all the people who were kind enough to lend their efforts to my first film. It is not a trailer. That would be inappropriate.




The Podcast About a Podcast

A long time ago, Darren Staley created a podcast. The premise was bizarre. He got amazing guests. Then all the recordings vanished into the history of the internet. Now, he re-interviews old guests and revisits the early days of podcasting, twitter and his connection to the L.A. comedy scene

Don't worry. Mr. Brody uses an actual modern computer when he ghost writes. But this makes a much more writerly impression, photographically speaking.

Don't worry. Mr. Brody uses an actual modern computer when he ghost writes. But this makes a much more writerly impression, photographically speaking.

Obviously a ghostwriter cannot ask for testimonials. Confidentiality is what makes it ghostwriting and not simply freelancing.

If the idea of sitting down and writing makes your head hurt or your heart ache, you've just found the solution to your sorrows. Mr. Brody can take your ideas, whether they exist only as vague notions and scattered images or a beat-by-beat prewrite that you just can't seem to get onto the page, and fashion them into the book or script that you want to take out into the world.

He has ghost written novels, autobiographies, memoirs, screenplays, and television pilots.  He has ghost written one solo show and jokes for dozens (maybe hundreds) of stand-up comics.


If you prefer the pleasure of the process, if you want to write the piece yourself but you could use a little bit of support, that can be arranged!  Active Voice Productions provides a myriad of options, from personalized coaching to weekly workshops and downloadable tools. Mr. Brody genuinely wants you to get your project written. He will work with you to make it possible on your terms.