Dylan Brody Condemned to the life of a writer, this man has faithfully served the sentence for more than forty-years.  He swings for the fences but with fewer sports metaphors than one might expect.  If language were music, his paragraphs would be jazz played by a classical pianist, all the wrong notes played perfectly.

Chauncey Bowers If the best of humanity wrapped itself in a few simple chords, and then winked at you before revealing that the chords are more complex than you realized and the humanity wrapped in them was your own, there’s an 89% chance this man has been performing in the vicinity.

Musical genius and impossibly wonderful human Cynthia Carle appears on the track “I Am Boring” and provided her own spoken-word text.

Recorded live at Old Oak Cellars. Engineered and mixed by Logan Heftel. At an event produced by Dana Charnofsky

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